Friday, June 15, 2012


Alex and I spent a weekend in May looking for an apartment to live in starting in July. My best friend happens to live in the city and always welcomes us to stay with her! We love Jillian and can't thank her enough for her hospitality! We found a apartment and got to spend some time at Navy Pier and took a ride on the famous ferris wheel! We also happened to be there during the NATO Summit and yes I saw the president in his motorcade. Looking forward to living in Chicago and spending time with my best friend!!

Kentucky Derby

This year Alex and I unfortunately could not attend Derby at Churchill Downs but we did the the pleasure of attending a Derby party! The party had a requirement to wear a hat and best hat won a 6 pack of home brewed beer! I am pleased to say that I made Alex's Derby hat and he WON!! We had a great time spending Derby with friends, also I chose the winning Derby horse!

Masters Graduation!!!

I graduated on April 29th from Eastern Michigan University with my master in Orthotics and Prosthetics. It was sure a long road getting to that day but after 6 years of college I can say I am finally DONE!! I can't thank everyone enough who supported me throughout the years. Alex and I will also be moving to Chicago the first of July for me to pursue my Residency at Scheck and Siress!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


After many months of applying and interviewing for residency I got an offer. I will be a resident at Scheck and Siress in Chicago, IL as of July 16, 2012. I am super exited to start residency, Alex and I will be moving to Chicago in July, we are looking forward to living in the city. I also can not wait to live near my best friend JILLIAN, I have sure missed her these past two years! Looking forward to what the city of Chicago has to offer for Alex and I.

St. Patty's Day 2012

St. Patty's day this year was spend in Chicago, IL. Alex and I drove over to see free friends and celebrate one of my favorite holidays, I adopted the love for this holiday after spending four years at Michigan State University. While in Chicago we had to check out one of the many Michigan State bar while watching our Spartans in the NCAA tournament. We had such a great time, looking forward to next year!!

Ohio Willow Wood

Alex did not go on this adventure but I thought I would share some photos from a two day seminar that my class attended at Ohio Willow Wood, this company is a prosthetic manufacturer. We had a great time!! We had the opportunity to fix patients and wear the bent knee device to try an simulate walking on a prosthesis.

Happy Birthday to Alex and I

It's birthday time!!! If everyone did not know Alex and I share the same birthday. This year we had a dinner at my moms with family and enjoyed my favorite kind type of birthday cake (ice cream cake). Thank you everyone who shared our birthday with us this year!! 

A week prior to our birthday Alex got a wisdom tooth pulled, so he has one swollen cheek but I thought the picture was to cute not to post it!